6 Steps to Reinventing Yourself When Leaving Your Job

Reinventing yourself is one of the most inspiring processes in life, and a journey anyone can take the moment he says no to conventional wisdom and starts trying new things.

But what if you’ve been stuck in a company for so many years and never fulfilled your potential? What if you knew it wasn’t the best for you but settled down, for almost a decade? Can you still consider reinventing yourself?

Of course! But there are some things you can start doing before you actually leave your current job so that you can guarantee your success, be it in another field or while doing something on the side.

Two things are clear:

– you’re ready to make a change and are willing to try a new approach as obviously what you’ve been doing so far hasn’t worked out;

– you have years and years of experience, you’ve built some relationships and seen things from the inside – and that is valuable information that can be used in your future endeavor.

But reinventing yourself and your life will take more time, sacrifices, energy, willpower and focus than you imagine. It’s nothing impossible, though, but let’s make sure you’re doing things right this time.

Here’s what you should start with:

The Steps You Need to Take to Reinventing Yourself

1. Decide what you really want to do

While you’re still at the old company, do some analysis of everything you love doing, all the things you’re good at and also the ones you aren’t, together with considering the things people are willing to pay for.

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The answer is somewhere in the middle. If you’re naturally good at something (it may be sales, it may be marketing, it may be coding, it may be teaching, it may be writing), if there’s a market for it (meaning that there’s competition, people are already interested in this and are looking for solutions to their problems) and if you are passionate and care about all this, then this is your thing.

There’s a way to monetize almost every skill by leveraging the power of the Internet and to find a way to help others at the same time. Find your super power and do something about it.

2. Start waking up early and work on your project

build your portfolio

Here comes the time to start making sacrifices in order to be reinventing yourself. Every single morning, no matter what, you need to be up earlier than you have to and to be working on what you believe in.

Begin by doing your research – who are your competitors, who’s your target audience, where are they spending time online and how can you reach them.

Then, start building your portfolio.

If you’re already known in the niche (meaning if the service you’ll provide is something you’re currently doing in your job), then find potential clients and do some work for free for them. Let them know you’re available and are starting something on your own. Ask them to tell their friends. Use this free work (but which will be super quality) for your new portfolio.

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Create a site and add it there, together with a touching and professionally looking about and contact page. Add a blog and update it frequently. Share your insights on what’s going on in your industry, write practical articles on things you’ve struggled with, etc.

3. Prioritize

You need to be going after one thing at a time. And right now that’s reinventing yourself and your career. So make sure you get done the things connected to this goal before anything else.

Working on it first thing in the morning is a great start. But also dedicate your lunch break, evenings and weekends to it.

4. Networking

Change your environment to change your mindset, and thus your reality.

Start with the people in your surroundings. If you’re constantly communicating with people who complain all the time, who aren’t ambitious, or who put you down and don’t believe in you, you won’t get far.

Instead, find new like-minded, creative souls. Do it online first – connect to influencers on social media, contact potential clients of yours, join communities of people with the same vision.

Then, start going to events. Give your business card whenever you have the chance. Be confident. Find mentors.

5. Be a learner

Learning, just like reinventing yourself, must be a never-ending process for you, so accept it as a journey and find a way to love it.

It means that you should be reading books on the subject that concerns you all the time, you need to stay up-to-date on the latest news in your industry. Attend seminars, take online courses to get better at what you do but to also learn other useful skills (like copywriting, coding, web design, etc.)

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6. Keep your vision alive

Reinventing yourself is a serious mission. So get clear about what you want to achieve and what you don’t want to have or be in your future ideal lifestyle.

It’s best to write that down, in details. Then, read it out loud every few days.

What’s more, journal your thoughts every morning and go back to this vision. In the end of each day, review what you did connected to it and how you performed. That’s a sure way to never lose track of yourself and your dreams or get distracted.

Then, when the right time comes and you’ve started making some income from your new endeavor (it may take more time, depending on how much effort and time you invest in it daily), quit your job and never look back again.

So, what can you do today to start reinventing yourself?


Article By Lidiya K.

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