How to Achieve Organic Social Media Growth

If you’re on digital marketing, you’ve probably noticed, it’s not a walk in the park to achieve an organic social media growth.

There are many factors on Facebook or any other social network that determine if your posts even get seen by your followers let alone shared.

Sure, there’s paid advertisements but there is a risk involved and it can become costly to significantly grow your page – and then you still have to do everything we’re mentioning below to keep those followers anyway.

Once you are posting actively, you’ll realize people don’t magically appear as we may hope in the beginning.

It takes strategy, great content and consistency to grow your pages.

In this blog post, we’re going to go over the top things you can do to start growing your social media pages organically right now.

Think of organic social media growth like SEO

(We’re not providing actual SEO advice.)

You want to treat your organic social media growth like that pesky SEO you’ve been dealing with on your blog and website.

Think keywords. Think content. Think top of the search engine.

The cool thing is – getting to the top on social media isn’t nearly as difficult as getting to the top on Google.

To do this you want to use hashtags in your posts on Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. These hashtags work as keywords and will help you show up when people are searching on those platforms.

Now, if you want to get very strategic, take a look at how frequently those hashtags are being used. If the search page is covered every 10 minutes, you probably won’t find much fame from being there.

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However, you will get a lot of likes from bots. Yikes.

Find hashtags with a nice medium. You want people to be using them, but not so much you can’t even click a post without the page refreshing on you.

If the page fills every few hours or everyday, you may find more luck and you can stay at the top by reusing the hashtag on a daily basis.

Organic Social Media Growth

Treat organic social media growth like SEO. Use hashtags mainly on Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.

Your content has to rock

Just because you’re at the top, doesn’t mean people are going to click through to your profile.

The post has to rock.

Think about it this way – if you knew you could get to the top page of Google for anything, you wouldn’t make the web page title say “Terrible content”. Right?!

Make your image stand out and that is high quality. You should also make sure the written content of the post is informative and serves a purpose.

If you are posting on a daily basis you can start watching for what posts bring in more likes and followers and start using those as templates to speed up your marketing.

Nobody wants to be somewhere they aren’t wanted

Ever feel like you’re somewhere that you may not be missed otherwise?

That’s exactly how social media works.

If you want followers, you must truly care that they are there.

There are two simple ways you can do this.

First of all, you can thank and follow back the people that follow you. Make them feel special with a special message and even compliment them on something or bring up a commonality.

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Maybe you notice they love dogs, you can share that you have a pooch of your own (Bonus points if you send a picture with your thank you).

You can and should also engage with followers and potential followers.

By liking and commenting on other people’s content you are showing you aren’t just another business out there looking for numbers. People love attention from businesses and brands, give it to them!

Stay consistent

Most people will go to a social media profile and check the consistency and relevancy of your content.

If you post too often and it’s random content, you will just be spam on their newsfeed.

If you never post, you will just be a hidden account they never hear from either.

Posting quality content daily or multiple times per week is a great number to work with and will allow people to see you as an active, useful account to follow.

Remember, with the right strategy you can grow your account organically. It doesn’t take huge amounts of money to go far. When you follow these steps you will get results. Try them out for a month or so and let us know the results!


Article by Taylor Manning

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