How to Increase LinkedIn Connections to over 500

LinkedIn connections spell your value to a potential employer

LInkedIn has become the go-to for job recruiters everywhere. Your profile information, LinkedIn connections and recommendations have become a factor in hiring processes, and could be the ticket for your next great job.

Lately LinkedIn has been in the news for its acquisition by Microsoft. The company that brought us Windows purchased LinkedIn for $26.2 million 2 weeks ago. Not only was the price high, but so was the competition. LinkedIn’s filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, revealed that Microsoft fiercely outbid other tech giants, including Google and Facebook among other large corporations.

With a battle that intense, one can only imagine the massive power and impact the online network has on professionals world over to have such large tech companies bidding over it in billions of dollars. LinkedIn is home to over 433 million users users and counting. In tech terms that’s gold. Number of users is now coveted over revenue as that’s where the true value lies.

With Microsoft’s acquisition, the network will quite likely be integrated with other Microsoft products that include Windows, Skype and most importantly Microsoft Office Tools. Already, there are many job recruiters which require applicants to apply through LinkedIn. The integration of products might mean more use and relevance of LinkedIn than ever before.

If there was ever a time to brush up your LinkedIn profile and increase the number of your LinkedIn connections, the time is now. Luckily for you, getting up to 500+ LinkedIn connections is not as momentous a task as the number suggests. We’re sharing some of our favourite tips and advice that have got people like you and me up to half a thousand LinkedIn connections.

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Be active

LinkedIn Mobile App iOS Login Q1 2014

Be active to Increase your LinkedIn Connections

One of the first (and easiest) things you can do to increase your LinkedIn connections is by logging in and spending at least 5 minutes on LinkedIn everyday.

It will make a world of difference to your profile and the number of your LinkedIn connections.

Start your daily sessions by updating your status daily. Share a link to an interesting article or bit of information relevant to your profession and industry. Active users come up on other people’s newsfeeds more often, putting you on the radar for possible LinkedIn connections.

Comment to attract LinkedIn connections

Comment as much as possible. Comment on updates from companies and people you follow, and not in a robotic kind of way that sounds like spam. Write genuine comments that show you have read the content the person or company has shared. Another good place to discuss opinions and ideas is on LinkedIn’s group discussion boards. Commenting will open up conversations with other commentators, with whom you can forge a LinkedIn connection.

Send Invitations

Send an invite for at least one new connection every day. But be sure it’s someone you know, or someone you can be introduced to through a common connection. Sending invites to random people you don’t know can, once again, make you look like a spam account. Avoid that.

Have the LinkedIn app downloaded to your phone, so you can add people you have recently met professionally before you both forget about each other. Exchange names and contact information, and make it a habit to form a LinkedIn connection with any new contacts you make.

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Use LinkedIn Pulse to find new LinkedIn connections

If you have time, post an article on LinkedIn’s Pulse platform. If it’s good, Pulse might feature your post pushing it from a few hundred views to thousands. It greatly enhances your distribution range and exposes you to new contacts and potential employers.

There are some good tips online from authors who have been featured by Pulse before. John White is a columnist who has been featured over 80 times on Pulse. He suggests choosing a  unique topic relatable to your followers, writing quality content, and using a catchy headline.

Connect with Alumni LinkedIn members

Alumni portals are a treasure trove for new LinkedIn connections. Move beyond your professors and the people you used to hang out with daily and connect with your classmates, people you participated with on some project or activity with, or who were part of the same club as you were.

Get in touch with the LIONs

LIONs are LinkedIn Open Networkers. They accept an invitation from anyone who sends them one, making them an easy way for most people to build up LinkedIn connections to over 500. Connecting with a LION opens you up to a whole network of 2nd connections, broadening your reach on LinkedIn.

You can find a LION by using LinkedIn’s advanced search feature, by typing in LION in the “Last Name” field, and filtering results according to your industry and profession. The search results will feature other people in your field who are open to being your next new LinkedIn connection.

Promote your LinkedIn URL

Add your LinkedIn URL to your places where you’re advertising your profession. That includes your business card, official website, your CV and résumé. Also add it to below your name and title in the signature of your business email. If you’re doing a presentation outside the office,  insert your LinkedIn URL at the end of the slide and ask your audience to connect with you. This way new contacts you make in the business world can easily find you and become new LinkedIn connections.

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To make sharing your LinkedIn profile easier, edit your LinkedIn URL to include your full name. You can do that by navigating to the black bar on the top of any LinkedIn page and going to Profile> Edit Profile> Update your public profile settings From there you can get a LinkedIn profile URL in the style of Availability is on a first come, first serve basis, so if you’ve got a common name chances are it’s been taken. You can still move your first and last names and initials around, or add in your middle name to find an available URL. Having a LinkedIn URL helps push your profile up in Google results when somebody searches for you on Google and wants to make you a LinkedIn connection.


Article by Mishka Nasir Orakzai

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