How to Make Sure You Achieve The Goals You Set

To learn and understand how to achieve the goals you set can give you a great sense of direction and a reason to wake up every day. It’s what will make all your efforts and patience worthwhile and what will define your level of success in the future.

But it’s not the easiest thing to do. Many people set goals all the time, but rarely stick to them long enough to see any progress.

Plus, there’s this habit we have of setting too many goals at once, or jumping from one thing to the next. But the mind needs to be focused on one thing long enough until it becomes reality and you can see yourself achieving it.

So if you’re serious about reaching the objectives you’ve set this time, here are some things to do to make sure you’ll succeed.

1. Define what you don’t want in life

Sometimes people aren’t sure what they truly want. And that leads to spending a lot of time going after one goal, just to realize they don’t actually want that.

So it’s easier to get clear about what you don’t want first. Be specific and describe in details your ideal lifestyle, who you want to be in the future, and what should be removed from your current life so that you can get there.

Most often the beauty of life lies in eliminating the unnecessary, so that we can experience, have time for and appreciate the essentials.

Maybe there are toxic people you spend time with daily, who constantly put you down and talk you out of your dreams. You don’t need them. What’s more, they are preventing you from moving forward. After all, we’re the average of those we spend most time with. So choose wisely who you’re surrounded by.

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What about the mundane tasks you have to do daily? The ones that don’t necessarily need to be completed by you, and because of which you don’t have enough time to actually work on your passion project that’s your escape from this lifestyle. In this case, delegate what you can.

Or maybe you don’t like the place you live in, the job you’re working or the inability to travel whenever you want. Don’t worry. Everything’s possible. The ultimate freedom and independence are just a few goals away. Start working on what you believe in today, and dedicate time to it daily, but also start doing your research and creating a vision of where and how you want to live.

Look for better jobs, or start doing your research on what it takes to move to a better and cheaper country where you’ll feel like you’re on holiday all the time. Talk to people, gather information, make a plan. That’s how it all begins.

2. Choose 1-3 big goals

In order to achieve the goals, you need to be concentrated on them while eliminating all distractions that come in the way. These may be people trying to talk you out of it, daily worries and issues, bad habits of yours, procrastination, mental barriers like fears, uncertainty, and so on.

So be selective and keep in mind that your time and focus are limited. That’s why you should dedicate them to 3 or less goals at first.

Less is better than more in this case too. That gives you the chance to do things right, but to also experiment, make mistakes and learn from them, see what works best for you and eventually improve your techniques. Then, achieving your next goals will happen faster.

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3. Break them down into simple steps

The big picture is overwhelming. That’s why many people don’t even get started with their goals because they only have the end result in mind.

But in reality every big project is a combination of many small steps. You just need to get to them.

Break down your goal into more manageable tasks to complete. Then do it again until you have easy ones to do each day that won’t take much time.

This way you’ll know what to do exactly and will feel accomplished after each such tiny action. This means getting a motivation boost on a daily basis and thus making sure you achieve the goals you’ve set.

4. Make a plan on how to take a step towards your goal daily

How to Achieve the Goals You Set

Making a plan will help you take the steps to achieve the goals you set

Now that you know what you want and have a list of actions that will take you there, you need to find a way to do something daily.

Consistency is the only way to move forward. In fact, doing something about reaching your goal must become a habit of yours and you need to prioritize by putting it on top of your to-do list.

To make things easier, set a fixed time daily when you’ll do that. It may be during your most productive time and in the first part of the day.

Doing it before or after something you already do (an ingrained habit) is another way to simplify the process.

5. Track progress

You need to be aware of what’s working and what’s not, and to see if there’s any progress at all. That’s when tracking comes in handy.

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Simply write down the daily actions you take connected to your goals. Include the time, how long each took, how you felt about it and whether it could have been done better.

After some time, go back to analyze the results and make adjustments.

Successful people review their days in the evening and immediately plan out what they have to do tomorrow. This helps them stay on track and never lose focus, which is quite easy with all the distractions during the day.

6. Find support to achieve the goals you’re after

There will be moments when you’ll feel discouraged, hopeless and like giving up.

It’s better to have someone to remind you of why you should keep going. So make sure you find like-minded people with similar goals. They’ll inspire you and will support you when you’re weak. Also, look out for mentors. And share your goals with loved ones who will motivate you and will know how important that is for you.

Follow these tips and you can be sure you’ll achieve the goals you set.

Article by Lidiya K.

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