10 Portfolio Websites to Showcase Your Work Online

Amy is a freelance graphic designer. Working freelance is convenient for her as she travels around the country with her journalist boyfriend. But with her work scattered around in a wide variety of projects over the years, Amy finds it difficult to explain what she’s capable of to attract new clients and potential employers. Describing her work on paper and in interviews isn’t doing justice to Amy’s capabilities.

The best thing that Amy can do is SHOW them. But it’s hardly convenient for Amy to send files upon files of her work to every place she applies to. The solution? An online portfolio.

Because so many companies today use online methods for hiring, an online portfolio is essential for job seekers in creative fields. There a ton of portfolio websites which let you upload your work in a user-friendly way, and generate a unique URL for you to share in your job application, CV or LinkedIn profile.

  1. Carbonmade

carbonmade portfolio website jobs

Home to 950,000 portfolios, Carbonmade is a favourite among designers, illustrators, photographers, marketing specialists, writers and other creative geniuses. It gives you a personalized space to showcase your past work projects with a custom domain in the style of www.[your name]

You don’t need to have any technical know-how to create a portfolio on Carbonmade. The platform is easy to use, and has a fun and friendly environment. The portfolio website features an ‘explore’ section where some users are featured and others can be searched by category – a perk for people looking for new work opportunities.

  1. Behance

behance portfolio website jobs

Behance is a friendly space where you can both showcase your creative work and be a part of a larger community of creative professionals. As a part of the Adobe family it lets you sync with Adobe’s Creative Cloud, to share works still in progress, and Adobe Portfolio which allows you to quickly and easily build a fully responsive website to showcase your creative work. The engaged user base has made Behance a great place for both job seekers and hiring agents.

  1. OPResume
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opresume portfolio website jobs

Both an online résumé and portfolio website, OPResume is packed with lots of helpful features. The easy to use interface is as simple as a drag, drop and click to move files, images, and videos around in building your online portfolio. The service has over 20 designs to choose from requiring no HTML knowledge. If you’re satisfied with what you’ve built on OPResume, you can export your portfolio in PDF or Word to save on your devices or to print. You can use the portfolio website for free, or upgrade to Premium at $3.75 per month for an ad-free version with a custom domain, personal assistant and more storage.

  1. Coroflot

coroflot portfolio website jobs

Coroflot is a great portfolio website for people who are looking to showcase their talent and find career opportunities. The free service is unique in offering unlimited storage, allowing you to upload as much as you want at no extra charge. The site is mobile friendly and offers statistics on how many people are viewing, following and favoriting your work. Coroflot also generates a short URL unique to your profile to make it easy for you to share your work and experience.

  1. Brushd

brushd portfolio website jobs

For people with an aesthetic portfolio, resolution and quality is very important. But the problem with some portfolio websites is that they reduce the quality of images and videos to lower file size for quick loading. While some photographers do use sites, like Facebook, to showoff their work, many shy away from it because it strips away the high-resolution of their photos.

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Brushd allows you to upload images in multiple formats, and videos from sites with HD support like YouTube and Vimeo. It has automatic support for retina sized images for visitors with high density displays. The portfolio website also has automatic support for both mobiles and tablets.

  1. deviantART

brushd portfolio website jobs

devianART is perhaps the most popular and active site for art enthusiasts. The community is packed with art lovers and artists themselves. Set up a profile, upload your work in the form of galleries and watch your fan base grow from among its 28 million members. The site also allows you to sell your art through the deviantART Shop.

  1. Dribbble

dribble portfolio website jobs

Dribble is a community of designers of “web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, icon artists, typographers, logo designers, and other creative types share small screenshots (shots) that show their work, process, and current projects.” The portfolio website is used by major companies for finding and connecting with fresh talent. The Pro account gives you access to projects, attachments and stats.

  1. Dunked

dunked portfolio website jobs

A simple and easy-to-use portfolio website is Dunked. You start by choosing from a collection of professionally designed templates optimized for mobiles and which are Retina (and HiDPI) ready. After adding content, by either uploading it directly or embedding it from one of your social networks, you can customize your website by adjusting layout, colours and fonts.

  1. Jobrary

jobrary portfolio website jobs

Jobrary combines résumé and portfolio management in the same place. The free tool lets you break out of traditional templates by allowing you to make custom sections and giving you complete control over building your CV and portfolio. Developing a portfolio is as simple as uploading images, PDFs or adding videos to a gallery and describing them. Once you’re done, Jobrary gives you a unique URL for you to share.

  1. WordPress
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 wordpress portfolio website jobs

A domain in the style of www.[your full name].com is now a standard in most industries. A website showcasing your professional skills and experience is like a version of your business card online – only more detailed. It’s the perfect place to show people what you can do, in the way you want to.

Setting up a website requires the help of a professional, as it requires some coding knowledge. But if you want to do it yourself, you can always pick up a book from the library or take a quick course on how to do it. WordPress doesn’t limit you to a set of styles or themes, but instead gives you complete freedom to portray your work in any way you can think of. If you’re uncomfortable using WordPress, there are other options like Wix, Squarespace and Weebly.


Article by Mishka N Orakzai


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