3 Best Ways to Increase Internet Traffic for your Business

Attracting internet traffic should be easy with over three billion active users on the Internet . But it’s not. Even a tiny fraction of a percent of internet traffic could make your website succeed.  With so many users online, you need to be right up front and centre to be noticed. Just because you have a well-written and expertly designed site, you’re not guaranteed visitors. Your website must be visible in search engines, forums, social media, and anywhere else people are typing and clicking.

Below there are some great ways to make your website easy to find and drive internet traffic. But don’t just follow one; use them all or combine some of our tips for best results.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)


Adwords to increase internet traffic

One of the most fast and effective ways to drive internet traffic is through Pay-Per-Click (PPC) programs in Search engines like Google’s Adwords and Microsoft’s Bing Ads, which allow you to buy space at the top of search results for certain keywords, within a limited section for online advertisements.

The rate per click depends on how high your bid is. The ad space is sold in an auction where you bid the amount you are willing to pay if somebody clicks on the ad. The higher the amount, the more chances your link will move up in the list.

PPC advertising on search engines generates instant internet traffic towards your site and can be profitable for businesses. Paying $1 for a click that results in the sale of $300 product, means 99.7% profit.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What’s the first thing you do when you want to find out something? Most likely you go straight to Google or Bing… So does the rest of the world. According to a study by Forrester, 93% of all internet traffic comes from a search engine.

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Search engines are a massive source of internet traffic if your website is optimized the right way. Webpages that are Search Engine Optimization (SEO)-friendly rank high on search engine results, and bring it thousands of visitors per day. The higher your website’s link in the list of search results, the more likely it will be clicked and the more visitors you’ll receive free of cost.

Organic internet traffic from sites like Google is not only free, but one of the most effective methods of attracting visitors. But to be noticed among the thousands of search results, you need to rank at the top. Most users don’t even scroll past the first page – 75% of users to be exact!

Search algorithms are quite complex and take in multiple elements of a site to determine its rank. Some companies hire “SEO Experts” who professionally specialize in optimizing websites for Google and other search engines, while others do it themselves.

SEO takes the lead in internet marketing. With over three billion people online, the Internet has become a huge reservoir of potential customers for businesses. But the only way online businesses can get noticed is if they rank high on search engine results.

Google, Bing, Baidu and Yahoo are four of the most popular search engines used today. But with Google raking in 67.78% of internet traffic, it would be wise to invest in optimizing your site primarily for Google.

If you want to do SEO yourself, there are a lot of resources and courses to help you online. It pays to refresh your techniques from time-to-time to keep up with the continuous updates in Google’s search algorithm. Four of the most effective, and practical, SEO strategies are:

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As simple as they sound, these four techniques can work wonders for your website.

Internet Traffic Through Social Media

Without a doubt, social media sites have become a big part of our lives. You and almost everyone you know is on it. And because you know that that sites like Facebook and Twitter are made up of real, genuine people, you are more likely to follow and believe what is said on them.

Social media is responsible for driving about a third of internet traffic towards websites.

According to Search Engine Journal, 31.24% of all internet traffic to websites is driven by eight of the top social media networks: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Organic search no longer makes up the lion’s share of overall visits to sites. People are using news websites and search engines less than before to discover news and content, but now are instead increasingly relying on social media sites and messaging apps for information.

Not only do social networks drive internet traffic, they are a medium to express your brand’s image and values to the public. They also used to build support for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by creating links, which has been questioned after some changes on Search Engines algorithms in the last years.  Unsurprisingly Facebook takes the lead in social referrals, followed by Pinterest. So if there’s one network to focus on, it’s Facebook.


Backed by credible research, there are 3 things to focus on to boost internet traffic from Facebook:

  • Use photos: Posts with photos take up more space on Newsfeeds, and are more likely to be seen. According to an infographic from Wishpond photos get 120% more engagement from fans on Facebook. A link accompanied by a high-quality photos is more likely to be noticed, than by itself.
  • Engage: Engagement is key in marketing, and especially on social media. People like to know that there are real people behind a brand, not marketing bots. Responding to comments and messages in a personal manner creates positive vibes, and encourages viewers to share your content. Socialbakers did a study on social engagement and found that “creating engaging content leads to increased reach, and that engagement correlates to visits.”
  • Timing: The best time for maximum impact varies by platform. This infographic by Shortstack gives the best timings and days to post content as of 2016. Generally the best time is when people don’t want to work, which is usually around lunch breaks (1-2 pm) and when they’re on the way back home (5-6 pm) on the weekdays.
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Article by Mishka N Orakzai

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