5 Mistakes We Make When Trying to Reach Our Goals

Setting objectives is one thing, but to go after them and try to reach our goals until they become reality is completely another. It’s not an impossible mission, but there are some mistakes you can avoid that many people make.

1. Having many goals at once

That’s one of the main reasons New Year’s resolutions usually fail. It’s also why people can’t focus while working on a task. Our mind just isn’t programmed to do many things at once. In fact, it performs best when single-tasking.

It’s the same with goals. Setting many of them leads to failure. But deciding to be after 1 to 3 big things in life lets you focus your attention, energy and time to see results soon.

So choose one goal this time, but give it all your focus. Track your progress, feel good after taking each next step and enjoy the whole process. Once you’re done with it, you can move onto something else you want badly.

2. Not being specific when trying to reach our goals

Often people’s ideas of what they want to achieve are too vague. Not knowing what you want exactly means you may get something completely different.

That’s why good goals are super specific. Include a number, a deadline, how your life will look like when you’ve reached it, what will be different, how you’ll feel about it, etc.

You’ll have to be honest with yourself to do this exercise right. Let go of expectations, other people’s opinions and the conventional path society wants you to follow. Then, ask yourself some questions and get to your inner self to answer them honestly.

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Have a conversation with yourself about your deepest desires and fears. Add to that every single thing that you’re passionate about or arouses some enthusiasm in you. The stuff you care about will always stand out from the rest. If you take a closer look, you’ll notice them.

That’s when you can set goals and make them specific.

3. Not keeping our “why” in mind

Behind every goal there’s a reason why we want it. And that reason must not only be strong enough, but we should also remind ourselves of it as often as we can.

So write down that goal. Visualize having this in your life already and put that vision on paper. Then, go through it daily. And review your progress weekly.

All this will let you stay focused on your dream. Mundane problems won’t lead you astray from it if you keep your “why” in mind all the time.

The thing is, there are so many things to distract you from your chosen path in life. Things like daily life problems, other people’s concerns, social media, random thoughts, negativism, self-doubt, procrastination, mundane tasks, or else. When combined, it gets harder for you to ignore them as they are constantly fighting for your attention.

Here’s when your “why” can help. You vision should be so clear and your reason for going after your goal must be so strong, that no distraction can get in the way.

4. Not being motivated enough

Motivation is key to reach our goals

Motivation is key to reach our goals

Short-term motivation is needed in order to achieve long-term goals. That means that you’ll need to find inspiration on every step of the journey  to keep going and never lose your vision.

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So how do we stay motivated until we make our dream come true?
First, make sure you truly want that. Too many people spend a large amount of time going after something only to understand that it won’t make them happy and it wasn’t what they really wanted. Don’t make that mistake. Assess your goals today and be honest with yourself.

Then, find ways to boost your motivation in daily life. Here are some things you can do:

  • Surround yourself with people with similar goals: Who you spend your time with is important. If it’s only purpose-oriented individuals who take action and have a vision, then you’re much more likely to stay consistent with your goals too;
  • Find mentors:  Look out for people you can learn from. If you can’t find them in real life, do it online. Reach out to those who’ve already achieved the goal you’ve set and ask them for advice. Then, listen to it and make sure you don’t make their mistakes;
  • Small victories:  Break down your goal into tiny steps to make you feel closer to it. Celebrate every small victory, you’ll feel accomplished after each such step. That means you’ll have a small success every day which will motivate you to keep going.

5. Being impatient

We all want to reach our goals eventually, but too many of us aren’t willing to give it enough time.

People want fast results. If they don’t see progress on something any time soon, they lose hope and give up.

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But big things start small and they take time. That’s the price you pay for going after a big life transformation and it’s worth it.
Accept that achieving the goals you set will be a long process, you’ll be learning and getting better at it over time. Even your vision may change somewhere on the way, but you’ll keep going.

The small victories I just mentioned are one great way to make sure all that time is much more interesting. Seeing results sooner means you build momentum to move forward. Also, one action leads to another, so make sure you take a step daily.

What’s more, knowing you’re getting closer to the ideal lifestyle itself is a motivation boost, which will help you be patient until you see results. It all comes down to how bad you want it and how much thought you put into finding short-term motivation. Everything else will fall into place.

Knowing these 5 mistakes will make our journey easier. Which one do you struggle with the most? And what else can make it easier to reach our goals?



Article by Lidiya k.

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