How to Save Time: 7 Tips for Busy People

Whoever you are and no matter the situation you are in, I’m sure you’d love to save time and have more of it for yourself daily. Fortunately, that’s absolutely possible. But here’s what you need to know first.

Our time is limited. In fact, it’s the only resource we can’t get back once we waste it. Sadly, we rarely realize that early enough and we keep ourselves busy with unimportant things.

But if you realize your time is money and time management is a powerful skill, you’d love to get better at it. Therefore, it’s time to learn some little productivity and organization hacks that will help you save time for eventually have more of it to yourself.

Here are 7 quick time-saving tips to have in mind when you have many things to do and no time left.

1. Start your day earlier

That’s the easiest thing you can do to add an hour or two to your day. In a week, you’ll have a lot of extra time. And when it’s dedicated to productive and healthy activities combined in a morning ritual, you’ll soon start seeing positive changes happening.

To begin the transformation, simply wake up 10 minutes earlier tomorrow, no matter when you went to bed. Then, invest 10 more from your sleep the next day. Do that until you feel comfortable getting up an hour or two earlier and slowly start adding essential morning habits to this period.

You’ll save time, but also fix your sleeping pattern since now you’ll feel tired a bit earlier. You will probably go to sleep an hour or two sooner than usually. All that will let your mind and body know exactly when it’s time to get to work or to be relaxed and prepare for a rest.

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Your sleep will improve significantly. You’ll be more energetic throughout the whole day and will have the chance to upgrade your morning ritual over time. Maybe even create a productive and peaceful evening routine too.

2. Work smarter online

It’s easy to get distracted when doing some work on your laptop. So it’s crucial to set some limits.

For example, check email just twice a day. No more.

Don’t browse the Net for no reasons, as that can turn into hours of consuming pointless information without doing any actual work.

Subscribe only to newsletters of your most important websites checked out regularly, so that you don’t miss out something new in your industry.

Use some of the many tools and apps out there that help you block Internet access for a certain period of time, preferably your most productive time doing your best work.

Check out other apps on how to get more done. They provide helpful resources on getting notifications on deadlines, saving time when communicating with the team, assigning tasks, organizing email or new projects, and tracking it’s progress.

3. Plan your meals every day

That’s one way to automate some of our daily decisions. It’s something that’s supposed to be done on autopilot, but we end up wasting precious time trying to decide what and when to eat and how to prepare it.

So plan your meals in the evening. Or even better, have the similar ones each day. Decide what your typical breakfast, lunch and dinner will look like and stick to that.

Then, automate more decisions to save even more time. Why not wear the same style of clothes and get rid of everything else?

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That’s how Steve Jobs did and that’s what Mark Zuckerberg does too. By doing this, you’ll simplify your life a lot. You’ll get rid of excess stuff you haven’t used lately, will make shopping much easier and won’t lose time wondering what to wear.

Successful people have realized that we need to be selective when it comes to choosing what to do. Small daily actions like these matter more than we think.

Saving half an hour here and 10 minutes there can add up to a few hours weekly. In that time , you can turn your business idea into reality by working on what you believe in.

4. Prepare the night before

In the morning unexpected things may come up. Or you may not wake up with the first alarm. It’s better to be prepared so that you don’t need to leave home in a hurry and bad mood, or be late.

There are little things you can do tonight to make sure you’ll have more time and less worries tomorrow morning.

Get your clothes ready, plan out your day and even add free-time activities. Try to figure out how long each will take, define the most important tasks and put them on top, so that you’ll know what to start with first thing in the morning. Declutter your room to make sure what you see when you wake up is order, not chaos.

5. Outsource


Outsource some of your tasks daily to save time

Not everything needs to be done by you. Even if you’re a successful business owner and don’t like delegating, it’s time to let others do what doesn’t necessarily require your role. This will give you more time to focus on the essentials.

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If it’s at home, try to outsource some activities to keep your life organized, like small domestic tasks or minor home repairs.

6. Use the right tools to save time

Make sure you find the best productivity, time-tracking and project management tools that fit your needs. Then, use them daily.

You can check a few of them in the Internet, but look for something that can manage your e-mail and social networks, control you meeting schedules and upcoming trips or organize your to-do list.

7. Remove unproductive activities and set deadlines

Not everything on your to-do list is a must. Whatever isn’t urgent or isn’t related to your goals, can be delegated or simply needs to be eliminated.

Be ruthless. Stop doing some things that keep you busy. Say “no” more often, so that you can save time to do only what brings you the best results.

If you spend 10 minutes looking for the right document or file on your desk and computer, then you’re wasting too much time weekly. So organize things and keep them in order. Have a place for everything to find it fast when you need it.

After you do that, set a deadline. That’s a simple rule you can follow to trick your mind into being more productive and getting to work right away instead of procrastinating.

Saving time doesn’t need to be just another difficult task. It’s a combination of simple techniques and mini habits that eventually can help you have more time for yourself. Even though you may still be a busy person, you’ll  get a lot more done.

Do you have any other time-saving tips for busy people we can all benefit from?


Article by Lidiya K.

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