How to Market your Business with Off Page SEO

While you can certainly control your on page search engine optimization efforts and results, off page SEO is often seen as being more difficult, and with good reason.  Off page search engine optimization consists of building relationships with other websites through attractive and interesting content, reaching out to individuals who have high ranking websites.

This process of building relationships for your website is called link building: who is linking to you, how they are linking to you, how often they are linking to you, and how your content is shared on social media. All of these factors have an impact on your off page SEO efforts and your overall SEO strategy and future. In this article, we discuss how to market your business with off page search engine optimization.

Who is linking to your website?

There are a myriad of tools that help you determine what websites are already linking to yours, an important factor in how you are ranked. Many times 10-15 links from your friend’s blog/websites are worth less than a link back from a major publication or website – so aim high! Links from major websites are treated with more priority from search engines because they receive millions of visitors each day.

When reaching out to other websites from link banks ensure to focus a larger percentage of your efforts on larger publications as they have a higher ability to ensure your website’s awareness increases. When thinking about how to market your business with off page SEO it is of course, it is essential that you also build relationships with smaller websites.

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Frequently, SEO teams have been working with directories, classified ads and bookmarking submissions. Even not being well ranked on the Search Engines, some of them may be necessary to increase the number of links to your website. Just be careful with the importance and the excess of submissions on those websites, since Search Engines may think it’s too much and can even penalize you.

How are others linking to your website?

Similar to on page search engine optimization anchor text is important when trying to rank your website for certain keywords.

When asking other websites to link to your website, try your hardest to ask for a keyword-rich anchor text link which means that they will link to your website via a keyword they use in an article. For example, if your website focuses on selling blue paint and you reach out to a home décor website, ensure that in a blog post or on a page whenever “blue paint” is used they link to your website.

That being said, if the website cannot guarantee a keyword-rich anchor text link, than any back link works. What is the website getting out of linking to your website? A common practice among websites is what is called reciprocal links. If a website links to you then it is common practice for you to link back to them.

If you are thinking of simply paying for backlinks this practice is severely frowned upon from the search engine community and could get your website blacklisted if caught.


Using Social Media to spread your content

Using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to disseminate your content is very popular. As a matter of fact, according to SEO Moz, the amount of social followers and activity that a webpage has is actually an important factor in the page’s ability to rank on search engines.

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Search engines have smartly concluded that content shared via social media (especially if the channel is popular and has a great deal of followers) is highly influential. In order to take full advantage of sharing your content via social media be sure to add social media sharing buttons next to your content.

Using email to spread your content

Email has consistently been used to generate new leads for online businesses, but even the power over the off page SEO being questionable, sending daily or weekly emails to your email subscription base can generate a constant traffic to your website and they can indirect help your SEO. Managing this routine has never been so easy if you use platforms like MailChimp. However, before embarking on an email campaign, ensure that the content is interesting and engaging, ensuring repeat visitors and shares on their social networks. The worst thing one can do is driving readers to a weak content.

In the end, utilizing off page SEO tactics are vital to your overall strategy on marketing your business. And please, ensure that you are pairing them with great on page SEO tactics.



Walter Godinez

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  • Posted: 12 de January de 2016 07:43

    Charles Atkins

    Hey Walter, For someone who has just taken the baby steps into the world of SEO, this content is good enough, however, anyone with even a little experience would tell you that these are very basic and much used off page SEO tactics.
    • Posted: 12 de January de 2016 11:53


      Hey Charles, I completely agree with you. Those are just the first steps for having a great SEO strategy. Thanks for sharing thoughts!